Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey I Heard You Were a Wild One

The month of March was que bueno! The best part about it is only one more month till school is O-U-T. Booyah. I'm ready for the semester to be done. One year of grad school down, two more years to go. Luckily SLC opened up the new City Creek Mall to keep me sane. Granted yes, it is just a mall. But new things are always oh so exciting. And yes, I did go opening day. And yes, I have been back like ten times. But no, I have not bought a single thing there. My little job at the WF doesn't give me enough money to shop downtown. Scratch that. I bought dinner at Chick Fil A the first day. That's about where my checkbook max's. The joys of being a broke college student.
I digress... Back to city creek. Here are a few of my pics.
Lovely Tiffany and Co. Found my dream ring there. Now just need a dream boy.
Inside Nordy's. It's smaller than I thought, but I loved the dressing room/hangout spot. And the Gucci shop had a gorgeous purple dress. I asked if I could touch it and the lady there said I could try it on! Yah right. The thing cost the same as a semester of tuition. I'd rather not take the risk.

The Coach store. Much smaller than I was expecting

This is the outer part of the food court. Looked beautiful. The doors to the shops are pretty cool, opening like a garage door. Fancy.
About three weeks ago, right after City Creek opened, Josh came up to SLC to hangout. He made a call to a guy he worked with to see if we could get into the condos at City Creek. And we did. It was pretty cool. We went to the top condo first. It cost 2 million I believe. Crazy. But the view was worth it.

Looking down
You could see the temple right between the other buildings. I bet it'll look so pretty during Christmas time.
Another view from the top
I just took pics looking out of the first condo we went into, but I got to go inside a bunch of condos. I wish I would have taken a picture of the insides, or me inside them as proof. I'm a loser. My favorite was a condo that was more level with the tops of the buildings downtown. It had a door out of the main room that opened up to a patio. You could only see the Angel Moroni on the temple, but I loved it. Now I need to save up $450,000 big ones.
Oh the life I live.
On to more important things...
Mini Cadburry eggs are my all time favorite. Hands down. Don't judge me, but I ate one bag already, and just bought another one on clearance. But it did take me almost two months to finish the first bag, so I don't feel so bad. Plus I need something to keep me awake while I study for finals. Justified.

I absolutely love living down town. I took this pic on one of my runs. It's just a three mile loop from my apartment, down around temple square and back. I absolutely love running around the temple. It brings peace into my life for sure.
As do hamburgers.
Lovely dinner with Mauri and Xanning. They opened a new burger place a couple blocks from my apartment, so we had to go there right away. It was alright. But Xanning did get a fry that was bigger than her face. Bonus.
I've decided to go granola and stop straigtening my hair (don't fret, I still am shaving... but I may embrace the full granola life and stop. Joke. Sick.) Matt, one of my favorite WF customers and I have twinner hair now! I made him take a picture with me to document it. So great.

Sushi Ya! Good friends + all you can eat Sushi= fat and happy me. Life is good.
I'm pushing through the last two weeks of the semester now. I am excited to be done, but a little apprehensive to what the summer is bringing. I have to do an internship at a residential treatment center. As a therapist. Oh man. This could be good. Or bad, very bad. No i'm sure it'll be great, it just makes me feel so grown up. I'll be doing that 32 hours a week and then working at the WF (for now) 20-25 hours a week. Monday through Saturday. All that matters is that I will get summerfest off, and 4th of July off. The two most important days of the summer. And, I'm totallly going to see the Beach Boys at stadium of fire. I feel as though I am the only person who cares, but the Beach Boys have always been a favorite of mine. The first c.d. I ever bought was their greatest hits. I am that cool. Jealous? You should be.
Things to look forward to this summer:
-Finishing the semester
-Spencie's Iron man, which also means a weekend trip to St. George with the babies!
-My mom's first half marathon (I'm going to try and do the full, but I've gotten lazy, so we'll see)
-My Gma's 75th bday bash in Portland. Stoked to head back to Oregon/Washington.
-Stadium of Fire with the Beach Boys, and other 4th of July festivities
-Tickets to see Wicked
-Flying to Ohio for Rechelles wedding (the same week school starts)
Between my intense work schedule and my few festivites I'm sure this summer will fly by. I just hope to get a little bit of time to relax and play too. We will see. This will be my first summer post mission not taking summer classes, so that'll be nice. I've been in school straight since Jan 2010, so it'll be a nice to take a little break. Just gotta make it two more weeks! (PS, don't judge my gramatical and spelling errors. I blog to blog, not to be graded, thus I don't care.)
Well, back to the books.

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