Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy 8's!

After a super intense day, I am finding myself wasting time and blog stalking people... and I found this jewel...
8 T.V. Shows I Watch
1. Say Yes to the Dress
2. Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss
3. Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta
4. VH1 Jump Start
5. The Office
6. Glee
7. So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)
8. Cupcake Wars
(Honestly I don't have time to watch a lot of t.v. Or at least I didn't until school got out. And yes, apparently I'm a little obsessed for Say Yes to the Dress, but who isn't.)
8 Favorite Resturaunts
1. The O.G. (Olive Garden)
2. La Jolla Groves
3. Cafe Rio
4. The Chocolate (don't know if that counts, but one item here is the same amount of calories as a full meal anywhere else)
5. Texas Roadhouse- really it's only for the rolls
6. Red Robin
7. Subway
8. Jamba Juice
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Zumba
2. Took a two hour nap... at 7:45a.m.
3. Took a test, ugh
4. Watched Dr. Oz- it was an episode on whether or not childhood obesity is a form of parental abuse. Super interresting, if you're into that sort of thing, and I totally am.
5. Watched Oprah. How could I not.
6. Wrote up lesson plans for classes today. Boring.
7. Umm...
8. Read my scriptures
8 Things I look Forward To
1. Summer
2. Vacation, all I ever wanted
3. Sleeping tonight
4. Grad school. GO UTES!
5. Getting a big girl job
6. SYTYCD to start!
7. Harry Potter 7.5
8. Getting a passport and using it
8 Things On My Wish List
1. Warm weather and a tan (does that count as two? I say no.)
2. A scholarship for grad school
3. World peace. And yes, my list is in order of importance
4. For Oprah to come back already
5. An NSYNC reunion tour
6. Lime green TOMS
7. My knees not to suck so I can run
8. A vacation. Or multiple vacations
8.5. To see Celine live!
8 People I Admire
1. Jesus
2. My mother
3. My father
4. The person who invented sticky notes
5. P-Money (If you really know me, you know exactly who I'm talking about)
6. My favorite professor, Sue
7. Anyone who dresses up in a mascot costume on a 100 degree weather day
8. Elizabeth Smart (I'm watching the news, but sure, why not.) (And P.S. John Edwards has a love child that he lied about? Is that the new political trend? That does not earn my vote.)
Now you know a few more useless facts about me. Your life just got that much better. You're welcome.

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Rasmussens said...

my life is now way better for knowing all of these "interesting" facts about you! thanks for the visit!!