Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summa Time!

Good thing my homie Will Smith used to be a musical man. What would I do with no summer theme song. "Summa summa, summa time!" Oh the lyrics of a fabulous season.
(my first ice-cream on a stick of the season!)
I decided I needed to set some goals for this summer, lest I accomplish nothing and waste my days away. So, my top ten adventures this summer are... (drum roll please)
10.) Hike Timp Caves
No this is not a picture of me. But it could be.
9.) Watch as much of this show as possible...
And learn to lift my leg like that. And get calve muscles like that. I know that wont happen while I'm watching the show. So...
I'm going to have to run this race. Yes. Have to. I may have to buy a new foot and two new knees to do it, but I miss running crazy distances at all hours of the day. I see other people running and I want to hit them with my car. Not really, but I think you can sense the envy I have when I see others hitting the pavement while I sit around and eat bon bons all day.
Moving on.
7.) I need to spend a lot of time here...
In order to look like this...
Haha! I saw this pic and about died! I don't really want to look like that, but I want to get a fabulous tan. So tan that people wont be sure if I am white, or black. I've got 3 months...
6.) On the 6th day of summer, I really want to see...
Jesus! Sort of. I want to go to the Mormon Miracle Pageant. AKA the Manti Pageant. It's June 16-18 and 21-25. Who's with me?
5.) I need one of these... Yes, it's a passport. Yes, I am 25. No, I don't have one. I need one. And I need the Coach passport cover. Yes. Need.
4.) I want to read 5 books. That seems lame, only five, but I have a problem starting books and then actually finishing them. My goal is five for this summer. Five and the Book of Mormon. I don't really count that as a book... even though it is the best book ever! If you'd like to know more about it, go to, or just ask me!
And I have no idea what these books are. They do not look like my type of books though. If you have suggestions on books, please let me know!
And it really might take more than two men, and several trucks. I've got a bunch of junk. One of my bad habits is I find everything sentimental, and therefore keep way too much junk. I atleast admit it, right? I'm moving to SLC as soon as I get me one of these...
Yes. I need a job. Bad. Currently I have two temp jobs. One as a summer camp counselor, and one as a health educator with the Department of Public Safety. I tell teens not to drink and drive, slow down, and wear their seatbelt. Lets just say I'm a natural. But I need something a little more permanent. Growing up is so hard... Luckily I have the most important summer event ever to keep me motivated. And I mean ever.
This picture represents the greatness that is my favorite holiday. The 4th of July! For me the celebration begins with Summerfest, June 11, and continues through the 24th of July. Fireworks, BBQ's, parades, hot weather, swimming, and so much more. It's a fabulous time of year. I love it! And, this year the 4th falls on a Monday, so you better believe I will be having a 3 day celebration! Stadium of fire on the 2nd, party on the 3rd (in a religious, keeping the sabbath day holy sort of way), and parade morning of the 4th, fireworks at night, and a BBQ everyday! Life does not get any better than this!
Oh summa time.
It's going to be one fabulous summer.

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Tara Winchester said...

Hi melissa! If you are still in Provo I read that wells fargo is hiring a customer service representative.